How to Disable Journaling Suggestions in Journal App in iOS 17.2

Disable Journaling Suggestions in Journal App: Apple launched the Journal app in the iOS 17.2 update. This app was rumored to come with the launch of the iPhone 15, but it didn’t happen. Apple finally launched the much-awaited Journal app in the iOS 17.2 update. So, if you want to enjoy the experience of this Journal app you must update to the latest iOS 17.2 version.

Apple is working efficiently and they are using machine learning technology in most of their apps. Similarly, Journaling Suggestions also do the same by providing journaling suggestions using your information from various apps and services.

NOTE: Apple doesn’t take any access to your data through this process.

Let me explain to you in detail how this journaling suggestion is working: It can access information like contacts, locations, photos, media, and workout details. The journal app only accesses limited historical data, though, and you can clear this history if you want. There are many benefits to these journaling suggestions, but some of us might not love them. Some users may want to disable these suggestions.

The journal app, by default, will show you the recent and recommended “moments” from your week, which might include photos, workouts, or places you have just visited. The journal app does this suggestion just intending to be used as writing prompts. Here, you can follow this guide to turn off journaling suggestions in the Journal App:

How to Turn Off Journaling Suggestions in the Journal App

  1. Launch Settings App.
  2. Scroll down and Tap to the ‘Journal’ option.
  3. Click on ‘Journaling Suggestions‘.
  4. Turn off the button ‘Skip Journaling Suggestions‘.How to Turn Off Journaling Suggestions in the Journal App

Hurrah! You have successfully gotten rid of the Journaling Suggestions, and you will jump straight into the writing screen now by creating a new journal. While the Journal app on the iPhone provides useful suggestions that only our phone can know, you might prefer a more autonomous journaling experience.

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