X Introduce New Subscription Tiers $3/Month Basic And $16/Month Premium+

X which was previously known as Twitter. Today X launched its new subscription tiers: $3/Month Basic and $16/Month Premium+. Twitter also launched premium verified tiers which will allow user to get blue tick on their profile.

In the basic subscription there is no verified option. However, it comes with many new features. As mentioned earlier, in some countries, new users need to pay to post a tweet. This tier allows for longer posts and includes an edit button, enabling users to customize app icons and more.

With the Premium+ tier, users pay $16 per month. This offers an ad-free experience. We had previously noted that there was a source code for advertisements in the X (Twitter) application. The Premium+ tier offers an ad-free experience in the “For You” and “Following” tabs.

These new subscription plans come with a ~12% discount if purchased yearly. You can obtain the subscription directly from the X website or through the application, albeit at a 30% higher price to account for Apple’s commission.

Recently, rumors have emerged that new X (Twitter) users must pay $1 per year for bot and spam protection. However, it’s yet to be confirmed whether this plan will be implemented. Elon Musk clearly wants to create a revenue model for Twitter that will help it evolve, introducing new features and opportunities.

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