iOS 17.1 Doesn’t include iPhone Nighttime Shutdown Bug

Apple released the iPhone 15 in September, which includes iOS 17. This time, iOS 17 has many bugs that Apple is actively trying to fix. The first major bug leads to overheating while charging, followed by the charging process getting stuck at 80%. Recent reports also suggest an unusual issue affecting iPhone users, causing their phones to power off unexpectedly during the night. Additionally, some users claim that their alarms are not functioning correctly.

The upcoming iOS 17.1 software update, expected to be released to the public next week, doesn’t seem to address an issue reported by many users. This issue causes some iPhone models to turn off unexpectedly at night, and alarms do not work properly, silencing notifications, and affecting nighttime iPhone usage.

As reported by MacRumors, an iPhone user shared their experience of two alarms not going off in the morning, an issue they had never faced before. According to one response, many iPhones shut down on the same night, which could potentially explain the malfunctioning alarms.

My device, also running iOS 17.1, encountered the same issue of night shutdown. Many users have reported the same problem to us. Additionally, this issue has been highlighted on both Reddit and Instagram threads.

How you can identify that you are affected by this bug? Here are the signs: number one, if your iPhone opens with the passcode screen, it means it was shut down. Second, if the alarm fails to go off at the exact time of your alarm, then you can say your iPhone is impacted by this bug. In some cases, the iPhone gets rebooted, and in others, it might be shut down for several hours. The shutdown bug appears to impact multiple ‌iPhone‌ models, though many of the complaints have been from iPhone 15 users.

You can also check whether your iPhone was turned off at night by opening the settings and then going to the battery section. Here, you can check the charging status of the last 24 hours, and if there is a gap, the iPhone was turned off for a period of hours.

You can tell if your ‌‌iPhone‌‌ turned off at night by opening the Settings app, navigating to Battery, and checking the charging status over the past 24 hours. If you see a gap in the chart, this indicates that your iPhone turned off at some point during that time.

iOS 17.1 Doesn't include iPhone Nighttime Shutdown Bug

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