How to Use Apple Watch “Precision Finding” to Find Your iPhone 15

In September 2023, Apple launched the new iPhone 15 series. Along with it, Apple also introduced its second-generation Apple Watch, also known as the Apple Watch 9. This Apple watch was filled with numerous new features and one of the standout features that I personally liked the most was “Precision Finding”. This feature is incredibly useful for those who frequently misplace their iPhones. With it, users can easily locate their devices.

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes with the updated Ultra Wideband chip which can be found in the iPhone 15 series. If you own the latest Apple Watch model, you can use Precision Finding to ping your nearby iPhone 15 and receive precise directions to its location.

Many users know how to use Precision Finding on the Apple Watch, but some are unfamiliar with this remarkable feature. Don’t worry! Apple police came with a guide to show you how to easily locate your iPhone using your Apple Watch. Simply follow our instructions.

Have you ever forgotten where you’ve placed your iPhone, just take these simple steps with your Apple Watch, and hurrah! You’ll be alerted with a ring, as well as the location and distance between your Apple Watch and iPhone. Press the side button, and the Control Center will appear. From there, click on the “Ping iPhone” button. In the latest Apple Watch update, you press the side button to access the Control Panel.

How to Use Apple Watch "Precision Finding" to Find Your iPhone 15

As soon as you click on the “Ping iPhone” button, you’ll hear a sound. This is coming from your iPhone. Follow the sound to locate your device. If your Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2 is within range, the screen will display a starry circle indicating the distance to your iPhone. As you move, a visual guide will direct you, and the distance shown will increase or decrease based on your position relative to your iPhone.

As you get closer to your iPhone, the starry circle will turn white with a green background. This indicates that you are very close to your device. The circle also indicates if you’ve misplaced your iPhone within the range of your Apple Watch.

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