watchOS 10.2: How to Change Watch Face on Apple Watch With a Swipe

Many people like myself often change their phones and watch wallpapers regularly. The process of going to settings and changing the wallpaper or altering faces on the Apple Watch has become a bit outdated. Fortunately, with the introduction of watchOS 10.2, changing your Apple Watch faces has become much more convenient.

Now you can set multiple watch faces and with just a simple swipe you can change Apple Watch faces. The watchOS 10.2 update for Apple Watch allows users to switch faces easily with just a single swipe you can change your Apple Watch face. Now you No longer have to navigate through settings to Change faces on your Apple Watch.

As we know Apple listens to its customers and due to multiple user complaints stating that this method mistakenly changes their watch face Apple had to disable the Change Watch Faces With a Swipe feature. However for users who enjoy this feature, Apple has now introduced an additional step. Now To change the face users have to long-press before they can switch to the current Apple Watch face.

After the release of watchOS 10.2, Apple found many problems and multiple customers complained a lot once again about this issue. In response, Apple reinstated the earlier method of changing the Apple Watch face by swiping. If you want to enable the setting to swipe and change Apple Watch faces, just follow the steps given below.

How to Change Watch Faces With a Swipe on watchOS 10.2

In watchOS 10.2 this feature is available but these settings are hidden. To enable the option to change watch faces with a swipe, follow our guide below.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple watch.
  2. Scroll and tap on the Clock option.
  3. Turn on the switch “Swipe to Switch Watch Face“.How to swipe to change Apple Watch faces on watchOS 10.2

Hurrah! you have successfully learned how you can change your Apple Watch face by swipe. if you want to disable this option you just turn off the switch “Swipe to Switch Watch Face“.

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