Apple Vision Pro Set to Launch in February, Mass Shipments Begin Next Week

Apple is going to launch its AR/VR headset named Visio Pro in February. According to various sources, we have learned that Apple Vision Pro Mass Shipments are going to begin by next week.

According to Kuo’s reports, Vision Pro shipments in 2024 are expected to reach approximately 500,000 units. This is a significant number for Apple and will define the success of their new product.

According to the rumors, it is reported that Vision Pro will be limited to the US for its initial launch and is going to be sold by Apple in the US, either in stores or online on their websites. This is largely due to Apple wanting to ensure users have the right headband size and Light Seal for an optimized experience and fit.

According to the reports, Apple might come with an app that will scan the user’s face, and then it will recommend the right fit accessories to them. This will reduce the need for human employees.

Vision Pro is going to be priced at a hefty $3,500 (around £2,800), with a limited supply expected for the launch.

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