How to Access Your iPhone Wallpaper Gallery in iOS 17

Do you want to access your iPhone Wallpaper Gallery but don’t know how? Don’t worry I am here to guide you. Last year in iOS 16 Apple launched a new feature that allows you to customize your lock screen along with several other new features.

iPhones running on iOS 16 or later will be able to access the new lock screen customization options. These features enable you to apply new fonts to the text on the iPhone lock screen and also allow you to apply filters to your lock screen Wallpaper and new widgets was also available.

In iOS 17 Apple kept almost everything the same but in iOS 17 you can select any of your albums from the the iPhone gallery to show on the Photo Shuffle lock screen. People like me who want to add multiple lock screen wallpapers and change them daily. For those people Apple has launched a new feature that allows users to add multiple lock screens. With just a holding on the lock screen and a swiping you can change the the lock screen.

Just like in the Apple Watch to change the the lock screen you have to swipe to the Apple Watch and the same feature is now available for your iPhone. Apple has included a lock screen wallpaper gallery to make your iPhone look similar to the way watch faces are customized on your Apple Watch

The feature you can call a wallpaper gallery allows you to switch your lock screen as you did on your Apple Watch without entering the lock screen settings of your iPhone. To do so follow these steps.

  1. Using your Face ID or Touch ID unlock your iPhone.
  2. You have to press and hold on to your lock screen for a while until a new slide pops up. How to Access Your iPhone Wallpaper Gallery in iOS 17 (1)
  3. Now, you can swipe right or left to check out your Lock Screen wallpapers.
  4. Select any wallpaper and tap on it; it will be set as your default lock screen wallpaper.
  5. To change the text font of your time, click on it and select the font and font size you required. Steps How to Access Your iPhone Wallpaper Gallery in iOS 17

hurrah you have successfully learned how you can easily Access Your iPhone Wallpaper Gallery. if you want that we come with a guide to explain you how to use filer feature in iPhone lock screen comment in comment section we will definitely come. with another blog explaining all about filters in lock screen. Apple also added a new feature to set emoji as a lock screen we will explain it to.

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