Why Are Huawei Phones Flagging Google Apps as Malware?

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Google takes the security of its users and their data very seriously. Huawei users expressed concerns about the Google app that our smartphone claiming that it was a virus. This issue went viral on many social media platforms more on Reddit. In response, our team at Apple Police decided to investigate the matter thoroughly.

For several years Huawei phones have not set the Google app as the default search app. When users attempted to manually install the Google app a warning message appeared on their devices cautioning them about the app’s potential virus threat.

Reports from Reddit and Google Forms indicated that Huawei smartphones flagged the official Google app as a “TrojanSMS-PA” virus when users installed it manually. This suggested that the Google app might contain a virus that cause warnings popping up, alerting users to the “high risk” associated with the app.

Huawei’s phone manager raised concerns about the official Google app, suggesting that it might contain malware and needed to be uninstalled. It was detected as sending SMS messages “privately.”

This app was detected sending SMS privately, enticing users to pay with adult content, downloading/installing apps privately, or stealing private information, which may cause property damage and privacy leakage. We recommend uninstalling it immediately.

Why Are Huawei Phones Flagging Google Apps as Malware?

Why Are Huawei Phones Flagging Google Apps as Malware? To understand why Huawei phones are flagging Google apps as malware. This warning might be Huawei’s software issue rather than the Google app itself. Similar incidents have occurred with Google’s warning system, Play Protect. A few months before many Samsung users received alerts from Play Protect, which labeled the system apps like Samsung Wallet and Samsung Messages as dangerous and advised their uninstallation. Clearing the cache of the “Phone Manager” cache can solve the problem.

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