JUN 22, 2024

Siri Can Now Turn on Night Shift on Your Apple Watch


What is Night Shift

Night Shift automatically adjusts the colors of your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, reducing blue light exposure. This helps in minimizing eye strain and promoting better sleep.

Activating Night Shift with Siri

Activating Night Shift with Siri is simple. Just raise your wrist and say, "Hey Siri, turn on Night Shift." Your Apple Watch will instantly adjust the screen to a warmer hue.

Benefits of Using Night Shift

Night Shift helps reduce eye strain and improves your sleep quality by minimizing blue light exposure. It’s especially useful during nighttime usage or in low-light conditions.

Customizing Night Shift Setting

You can customize Night Shift settings on your Apple Watch through the Settings app. Adjust the schedule or manually enable it based on your preferences for a tailored experience.

Additional Siri Shortcut

Explore other useful Siri commands that enhance your Apple Watch experience, such as setting reminders, checking the weather, and more. Make the most out of Siri's capabilities!

Nighttime Experience with Siri

Take advantage of Siri’s new feature to turn on Night Shift and enjoy a more comfortable and healthier nighttime Apple Watch experience. Try it out tonight!