Vision Pro 2 might get micro-OLED displays Which is more efficient and Brighter

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As we all know, Apple is working on its second-generation Vision Pro 2. According to rumors Apple is tipped to feature a brighter, more efficient, and battery-saving display in its Vision Pro 2.

Technically, let’s understand how this works: in the current Apple Vision Pro light needs to pass through a filter and then an image is formed. This process reduces brightness, and it is not very efficient. It uses white OLED plus color filter displays (WOLED+CF).

According to The Elec Apple is going to shift to a new display technology that is better than its existing (WOLED+CF) display technology. As I mentioned in this technology light has to pass through an additional filter which reduces brightness. In the new display technology called RGB OLEDoS, RGB subpixels produce both light and color eliminating the need for any additional filter. This results in increased brightness and efficiency.

This new RGB OLEDoS is more efficient and brighter than the WOLED which includes the color filter. This also decreases power consumption and contributes to the improvement of battery life for the Vision Pro 2.

Samsung is currently the sole provider of the new RGB OLEDoS displays. Following its acquisition of eMagin earlier this year Samsung stands as the exclusive company capable of supplying RGB OLEDoS displays.

If Apple chooses to proceed with the upgrade it is probable that Samsung will replace Sony in Apple’s supply chain.

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