How to Stop Your Kids From Ruining Your Apple Music Recommendations on iPhone or iPad

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Apple launched the iPhone 15 series in September along with the introduction of its new iOS 17 version. This new iOS comes with a variety of new features that enhance the user experience and provides several facelifts to applications and interface effects. Apple recently rolled out iOS 17.2 to beta developers. This beta version of iOS 17.2 which allows users to turn off Apple Music playlists or hide their listening history using a new filter called the “focus filter.”

Many families including my own are connected to Apple Music and sometimes prefer not to share their listening history with other family members. With this new focus filter, it’s now possible to keep your listening history private.

In iOS 17.2, this version allows you to choose whether to share your music listening history with others or keep it private by simply enabling the focus filter with a single tap. This feature also enables that the song choices of others won’t influence your personalized music recommendations. This will save you from any awkward musical surprises on your playlists. iOS 17 also comes with many other features like in iOS 17 you will be able to Block Quotes in Apple Notes.

If you are a parent with young kids you have probably found yourself in a situation where you had to play their favorite songs to make them happy or entertain them. the only cringe thing is when Apple’s algorithms slip in “Baby Shark” or another endlessly repetitive tune into your recently played or replay mixes.

Apple has taken notice of how often this happens. In the upcoming iOS 17.2 currently this version is in beta testing apple introducing a new feature that can help you automatically disable your Apple Music listening history when you hand your device over to those with, let’s say, a different taste in music.

To prevent your kids from impacting your Apple Music Recommendations on iPhone or iPad, follow the steps outlined below. It’s essential to note that this feature only works with iOS 17.2. If you’re using a different version, you need to update to this version first. To do that, you can refer to our blog on how to update to iOS 17. Here’s a quick guide: First, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

  1. Tap on “Settings“.
  2. Click on the “Focus” option.
  3. Click on the “+” button; it is located in the top right corner.
  4. Create a new focus, then click on “Custom.”
  5. Name the focus according to your requirements, then click “Next.”steps How to Stop Your Kids From Ruining Your Apple Music Recommendations on iPhone or iPad
  6. Click on “Customize Focus.”
  7. Scroll to find “Focus Filter.”
  8. Click on “Add Filter.”
  9. Find the “Music Filter” and click on it.
  10. The “Use Listening History” button should be turned off. Then, tap “Add.”step 2: How to Stop Your Kids From Ruining Your Apple Music Recommendations on iPhone or iPad

Bravo! You have followed all the steps and now you have learned how to easily prevent your kids from affecting your Apple Music recommendations. Apple is truly dedicated to serving its users and it’s evident that they value customer feedback. Apple has successfully addressed this crucial issue. The next time you want to play music for your child, simply go to the control center by swiping down, then long-press on “focus” and select the focus you’ve just created.

Did you know Apple No Longer Supports Downgrading iPhone to iOS 17.0.3 ?

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