How to Listen to YouTube for Free in the Background or When Your iPhone Is Locked

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Do you want to listen to YouTube with the screen off for free? Yes, you read it right for free! Because today I came up with a new trick or we can say a new way by which you can easily listen to YouTube for free in the background or when your iPhone is locked.

On the iPhone, if you want to listen to YouTube, you need to purchase a premium subscription, and for that, you need money. But not everyone has that, haha, that was just a joke, don’t take it seriously. Let’s move to a trick that will help you listen to YouTube for free in the background.

YouTube over a period of time has launched many premium and paid plans that provide different types of services such as ad-free viewing, SharePlay on iOS, and the ability to listen to YouTube for free in the background or when your iPhone is locked.

How do I listen to YouTube music in the background? This was your question. Unfortunately, if you want to do so, you have to pay around $13.99 a month and purchase a YouTube Premium plan. But don’t worry, I have a way that will let you play a music video when your iPhone screen is off in the background.

How To Listen To YouTube With Screen Off on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open your Safari browser on your device.
  2. Visit or you can Google “YouTube” and then open the first website.
  3. Find any video you want to listen or you can also search for your favorite song.
  4. Now, the main steps Click on the “aA” button at the bottom address bar of Safari browser.
  5. Tap on “Request Desktop Website” when the pop-up menu with lots of options appears.
  6. Now tap on the play button and ignore any notifications, such as the notification to launch in the YouTube app.
  7. Lock your iPhone using the side button.
  8. Don’t worry your audio will pause. Now tap on your lock screen and the resume from the playback controls widget.

Hurrah! You have successfully learned how to listen to YouTube for free in the background or when your iPhone is locked. As you click on the continue button, the song will start playing, and you no longer have to keep your screen on to play a song from YouTube. This is the only way that allows you to keep listening to YouTube while the screen is off. You can now put your iPhone in your pocket and enjoy your music.

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