Apple to host Vision Pro Training Event in early 2024 for retail staff

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Apple is planning to train select retail staff on Vision Pro in early 2024 in Cupertino, California. The company has sent a memo to retail employees about the device going on sale next year. This event will teach retail employees how to use Vision Pro and train them for complex sales.

Apple will select certain retailers, and they will have to travel to Cupertino, California in the first month of 2024 where they will receive training and support.

According to Gurman, Apple recently sent a memo to retail employees asking them to apply for a “secretive” event. Here’s what is written on the memo:

Selected team members will travel and participate in an event in Cupertino, California, at some point in the first months of 2024. Upon returning to their home store, they’ll deliver training and ongoing support to store team members. This is a group opportunity for those who have a deep passion for demonstrating Apple products and teaching others.

According to the reports, this event will teach the retailers how to use Vision Pro. They will teach how to sell to customers by explaining the uses and functions of Vision Pro, giving a live demo. The thing to understand is why Apple is spending this money on this event to train retailers; the strategy behind this is clear. If the retailers themselves don’t know the usage of Vision Pro, then how can they sell it to the customers? By doing this, they can give live demos to the customers, which will surely help increase the sales of Vision Pro to the right customers.

According to the most famous and accurate tech analyst, Apple Police, the Apple Vision Pro launch is expected to be the most complicated device in the history of Apple. Apple is also planning to assemble customer Vision Pro headsets in-store, compiling the appropriate headband, light seal, and optional prescription lenses.

Apple’s premier retail outlets are gearing up to introduce specific interactive zones. Meanwhile, other branches are set to showcase one or two Vision Pro demonstration units each. Taking a page from their Apple Watch playbook, the company aims to craft the Vision Pro headsets directly in the store, equipping them with the right bands, ensuring an impeccable light seal, and integrating customizable prescription lenses if the customer desires.

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