Apple Roll Out Ios 17.1 Beta 2 Update To Developers

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After the successful launch of iOS 17 beta, Apple has now released the 17.1 beta 2 update. In this update, Apple has introduced several minor changes in features such as the standby display options, double-tap function, and ringtones. We’ll discuss these changes in detail below, so keep reading.

Apple released its iOS 17.2 beta today, which includes new features. Some of these features were also present in iOS 17 and the initial iOS 17.1 beta.

In this article, we’ll cover everything new in the iOS 17.1 beta 2.

1. New Display Option in StandBy

Apple has introduced a new ‘Display’ section in the ‘Standby’ menu of the settings app, bringing along a suite of fresh customizations. Within this ‘Display’ category, users will find options to automate display behavior: you can set it to turn off automatically, remain on for an extra 20 seconds, or choose to have it always on.

Furthermore, the night mode, known for its red dim screen, has been conveniently relocated. This revamped ‘Display’ section also takes the place of the previous ‘Always On’ toggle.

With the introduction of the “Never” option, users can ensure that their StandBy widgets remain constantly in view, providing continuous access to their features

2. Removed Ringtones and Text Tones

In iOS 17.1 beta 1, we observe that Apple has done away with over 20 ringtones and text tones which were initially included in the launch version of iOS 17.

However, Apple hasn’t left users empty-handed. They’ve reintroduced new ringtones which include Arpeggio, Breaking, Canopy, Chalet, Chirp, Daybreak, Departure, Dollop, Journey, Kettle, Mercury, Milky Way, Quad, Radial, Scavenger, Seedling, Shelter, Sprinkles, Steps, Storytime, Tease, Tilt, Unfold, and Valley. Notably, ‘Reflection’ remains the default ringtone choice.

Additionally, users can delight in more than 10 brand-new text tones. These can be set for a variety of notifications, from incoming text messages and voicemails to mail alerts, reminder alerts, and more. Do you know apple start selling refurnished HomePod 2023. Read Full

3. Fix Charging Limit

We’re all aware that many iPhone 15 users have reported heating issues. It seems Apple has addressed this by introducing an 80% charging limit feature. With the iPhone 15 models, Apple added a toggle button that prevents the devices from charging beyond 80%. This is designed to maintain the battery’s health and ensure its longevity

4. Double Tap

The second watchOS 10.1 beta, released to developers today, comes with the ‘Double Tap’ feature enabled. However, its settings can be adjusted via the Apple Watch app.

Conclusion: iOS 17.1 Beta 2

Did we miss a feature in our list? Share your insights in the comments below. Notably, iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1 beta 2 bring the new ‘Double Tap’ feature to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Dive deeper into this update in our dedicated hands-on article about the feature. Stay tuned as we’ll be exploring and covering more about the latest updates throughout the week.”

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