All iPhone 15 Models: How to Force Restart or Hard Reset an iPhone

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Do you feel like, “Why is my iPhone hanging and slow?” while you are using it, or do you think, “Why does my iPhone keep getting stuck?” and now you are worried about what to do? There is an easy way to get out of this situation: restart your iPhone, or you can also force restart your iPhone.

What happens when you force restart your iPhone? When you force restart your iPhone, it forcefully closes all applications. If your screen is unresponsive or if any app is stuck, you need to force restart your iPhone.

There are different methods to force restart and hard restart your iPhone. We will discuss the most convenient and easiest way to Force Restart or Hard Reset an iPhone. In this guide, we will teach you how to force restart or hard reset your iPhone and what to do after performing a force and hard restart on an iPhone.

As we all know, the iPhone 15, ‌‌‌iPhone 15‌ Plus‌‌, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌‌‌iPhone 15 Pro‌‌‌ Max were launched in September 2023, and thus, the process for performing a Force Restart or Hard Reset on an iPhone hasn’t changed. Keep reading our guide if your device is getting sluggish, experiencing lag, or not responding; you need to follow this guide.

How to Hard Reset the iPhone 15, ‌‌‌iPhone 15‌ Plus‌‌, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌‌‌iPhone 15 Pro‌‌‌ Max (All Models)

  1. Gently Press and quickly release the volume up button.
  2. Gently Press and quickly release the volume down button.
  3. Gently Press and hold the side button.How to Hard Reset the iPhone 15, ‌‌‌iPhone 15‌ Plus‌‌, iPhone 15 Pro, and ‌‌‌iPhone 15 Pro‌‌‌ Max  (All Models)
  4. When the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen then you have to release the side button.

You need to keep holding the side button until your iPhone screen goes black. During this process, you might see a slider with options to turn off; you don’t need to worry, just keep holding. After a few seconds or minutes, an Apple logo will pop up, and thus, your iPhone restart process will be completed.

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